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Blooms dress Pink, Baby

Available colors:

Flower print cotton dress
The perfect Summer dress for baby and children! We introduced this shape on our Uniqua range and loved it so much – so we had to make it in Blooms as well.

See all the available sizes here.

Using a soft 100 % satin finish cotton from Japan, we developed the Blooms range. The fabric is soft and natural. We have embellished the range with our lovely new Blooms print - breathing a beautiful finish into this design. We have several colourways available currently.
There is plenty of space in the armpit and around the tummy – suitable for almost any body shape. It really is very flattering. You will get a lot of use out of it, as you will easily be able to use it as a tunic as your child grows taller.

It is perfectly girly with its flowy frilly front part and volume in the skirt part.

Normal to spacious in size.

100 % satin finished cotton – perfect for sensitive baby skin.

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