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Bubble Cardigan Rosé, kids (Cotton)

Available colors:

Hand knitted cotton bubble cardigan
Our classic cotton cardigan, part of the bubble line, that also includes knitted rompers, baby hats and knit bloomers. Real heirloom knits knitted with vintage-inspired patterns.

The hand-knitted cardigan is knitted from soft cotton. Cotton is a wonderful yarn, suitable for sensitive skin as well. The cardigan has handknitted bubbles or popcorn, if you may, scattered all over, front and back. This style is so gorgeous.

A hand-knitted baby cardigan is so practical, I personally find. You can completely avoid the “pulling overhead” scenario – and it so classy looking on older children.
There is a frontal closure on the front side, with handmade little wooden buttons, which allows for an easy way to dress your little one. Moreover, the cardigan is knitted with a raglan fit for a perfect fit over little shoulders. Use it all year round, as a sweater in Winter, as a little jacket in cold Summer evenings and transition weather.
It fits normal in size.

To understand our sizes, I want to tell you, that we consider a size 12m to fit a 1-2 years old child. 2 yrs fits 2-3 years etc.
That being said, you could always size up and fold the rib by the wrist, if you want to use it for longer or if you are going for an oversized look.

100 % animal-free cotton.

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