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Flora sweater Cream White, baby

Available colors:

Hand embroidered floral sweater
Our beautiful merino wool Flora sweater is nothing less than a piece of art. We have worked so hard on this special embroidery. The work that goes onto this, really makes it an haute-couture-like piece; you will not be disappointed!

See all the available sizes here.

This gorgeous heirloom sweater is knitted by hand in our signature merino wool, and afterwards, we have embroidered this fantastic flower embroidery by hand. Hours and hours of work has gone into this piece, and each piece is a little bit different. The embroidery is placed across the shoulders and partly on arms – the placement is everything!
The sweater is spacious and comfy to wear. It has a crew neck and a loop/button closure on the back of the sweater. Available in several beautiful colourways – each with a unique colour combination in the embroidery part.

The sweater fits normal in size. To understand our sizes, please know, that we consider a size 12m to fit a 1-2 years old child. 2 yrs fits 2-3 years etc.
That being said, you could always size up and fold the rib by the wrist, if you want to use it for longer or if you are going for an oversized look.

100 % merino wool. The merino wool is soft and not very itchy wool.

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mother image
"I bought this sweetest sweater for her almost 2 years ago and still she can fit in it. I will definitely keep it for my granddaughter once Himari grow out of it".

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