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Rainbow Cardigan Dusty Pink, kids

Available colors:

Knitted rainbow wool cardigan
Our fun and a beautiful rainbow cardigan is available in several colour combinations.

See all the available sizes here.

Definitely a detail-rich gender-neutral piece. The rainbow stripes are knitted front and back. The cardigan is hand knitted from soft merino wool.
A hand-knitted baby cardigan is so practical, I personally find. You can completely avoid the “pulling overhead” scenario – and it so classy looking on older children.

Normal to spacious in size.
To understand our sizes, please know, that we consider a size 12m to fit a 1-2 year old child. 2 yrs fits 2-3 years etc.
That being said, you could always size up and fold the rib by the wrist, if you want to use it for longer or if you are going for an oversized look.

Parents often worry that wool will make their babies hot and clammy, however, merino wool children’s clothing can help babies stay at a comfortable temperature due to its thermo-regulating abilities. Wool fibers work to absorb moisture from perspiration and desorb it into the environment around.

100 % merino wool. Our wool is soft and not very itchy.

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