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Welcome to Shirley Bredal – home to quality baby and children’s wear that can be passed down through the generations and will stand the test of time.

 We all want to give our children the best start in life. Our hand-knitted baby clothes wrap your little one up in warmth, love, and protection. Made from natural fibres, they are perfectly gentle for sensitive baby skin, with a long lifespan so they can be passed down from one child to another through generations. We understand the importance of designing clothes that last and can be enjoyed for years to come, which are not only good for your baby, but also great for the environment.

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    As we hand craft each and every piece, we decided we are only going to create absolute gems, we are in love with. Explore our collection of truly stunning pieces for your little ones.

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    We are mamas ourselves and having tried and tested fits and models on our own children, we know how important it is to create clothes that encourages free play and comfort.

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    "Made By Mums"

    Our mamas receive a fair side income, that support themselves and their families. When buying a Shirley Bredal piece, you are actively supporting 200 talented ladies, with a fair and sustainable income.

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    We choose natural materials over synthetics always. We knit with pure untreated yarns only, such as merino wool, cotton and cashmere. If there is a small percentage of synthetic fibre in a product, it is there for a reason; eg for elasticity in our ribbed tights.  

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    Heirloom thinking over fashion trends

    Our collections are mainly classics. When you invest in a Shirley Bredal item, you receive a true heirloom piece, and not a seasonal fashion item that will go on sale next season.



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What Our Customers Say

heirloom baby and kids clothes

Here at Shirley Bradal, we take pride in our clothes and aim to offer unsurpassable quality that will benefit both your baby and the environment. Each piece is lovingly handmade for your child to enjoy, in a range of stunning styles that will stand the test of time to be enjoyed from generation to generation. Make the switch for your little one and enjoy quality, warmth, love, and style, all wrapped up in a gorgeously designed piece.


In winter, keep your little one warm with our signature wool baby clothes made from 100% merino wool, sourced from anti-mulesing farms in Mongolia. These handmade knitted baby clothes are porous, keeping moisture away from your baby’s skin so they stay dry and warm in the cooler months. You can also choose from our ultra-soft organic baby clothes cashmere range, made from 100% cashmere sourced in Nepal. Its crease-free design combined with its natural dirt repellant lightens the load for busy parents. We have a number of stylish choices to suit all tastes. From bonnets and mittens to cardigans and jumpers, our pieces will provide warmth and comfort during the cooler times of year.

 In the summer months, our breathable cotton pieces offer the utmost quality and comfort. They are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified and come in a range of gorgeous, earthy prints and colours that will complement any wardrobe. Our range features a number of classic styles including rompers, skirts, bloomers and summer cardigans. These pieces also benefit the environment: organic cotton is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable fibre. Shopping GOTS Certified cotton also reduces toxic waste, as its production uses 90% less water and 50% less energy than conventional cotton farming.