We commit to supporting knitters and their families in Kathmandu with living fair wages. We have invested many years in creating our very own knitting project in Kathmandu. There is no middleman between us - just us and the knitters, our didis.

We work with small workshops, home workers, and artisans for our other collections - it is not a small project or, in any way, an easy way of working, but slow fashion is just that - slow. For the same reason, we are not able to produce hundreds of thousands of pieces.




We try intentionally and mainly to use traditional hand-crafting techniques, rather than automatized machine work because we truly love the craftsmanship and beauty of the handwork. We are intentional when selecting our partners and we only work with workshops that share our company values - and we are actually there ourselves to overlook, document, and handle the production.

Our team

  • Pooja Didi
    Head Of Sampling

  • Rahul
    General Manager

  • Sanoo Didi
    Group Trainer & QC

  • Sunita
    Smock Artisan

  • Deepika
    Production Team Leader

  • Hishila
    Artist & Stylist Assistant

  • Pasang
    Creative Lead

  • Anuj

  • Aniza
    Administrative Officer

  • Bhagwati Didi
    Head Of QC

  • Pramilla
    Webshop Packing Responsible

  • Ashmita
    Production Assistant