An Heirloom Holiday: Deck the Halls with Our Hand-Crafted Décor

We hand-crafted a special heirloom holiday collection to make your season even brighter. 🎄

 It’s the most wonderful time of the year, where we come together with those we love most and celebrate the spirit of the season. We wanted to create something extra special for you this holiday, a curated collection of handcrafted keepsakes and beloved treasures that the whole family will enjoy. 
Cozy up at home for the holidays with our heirloom décor (including woolen stockings and a playful advent calendar), precious gifts (our snowflake romper is perfect for a newborn in your life), and of course, an iconic Christmas sweater (hand-embroidered for a signature Shirley Bredal touch). We wish to spread a little extra joy and cheer with this collection, and hope that you’ll love every piece as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them. 

Advent Calendar

Make it an unforgettable countdown to Christmas with our heirloom advent calendar. Hand-knitted into a lovely string garland, each date features a unique hat, mitten, or stocking that has been hand-embroidered by our lovely studio mamas. Your little ones will love looping on each date marker every morning, as it means they are one day closer to a visit from Santa! It’s bound to become your family’s favorite new holiday tradition. 

Find it here.


Oh, what fun! Your little ones will love playing reindeer games with our sweet antler headband. Hand-crocheted in GOTS cotton yarn, this one-size-fits-all accessory is hand-crafted with the sweetest antlers and ears (each little white spot is hand-embroidered for a loving personal touch). Plus, it’s perfectly sized for stockings (hint, hint)! 

Find it here.


We’ve crafted the perfect hand-knitted woolen stockings to stow all those special treasures from Santa! Hand-embroidered with our holiday ‘Joy’ or ?Snowflake' motif, your children will love hanging this festive piece up on your wall or mantle year after year. 

Find them here.

Snowflake romper

Let it snow! Inspired by a Scandinavian Christmas, this hand-knitted romper is embroidered with a large snowflake and made with little ones in mind—the relaxed fit allows for movement, the straps are adjustable, and stretchy cuffs will wrap comfortably around those sweet, chubby thighs! Pair it with our classic ribbed tights to snap those oh-so-sweet holiday photos that you’ll love to look back on.

Find them here.


Christmas is near and we have created this amazing collection filled with holiday spirit for each and every mama to enjoy 🎁🎄
Every piece is hand-knitted or embroidered with beautiful Christmas details! Explore the entire collection here!

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