Softy Range - Unveiling An Ideal Outfit for Newborns

The arrival of a new family member brings a lot of love and joy, but it also entails the need to find special clothing that ensures comfort and style for your little one. For this reason, we present to you the perfect suggestion - the special muslin cotton range! This collection is made of soft and breathable material.

Why these pieces are a good choice for your child

They are made from a special type of muslin cotton. Designed for newborns and babies, they offer you a combination of natural materials, softness and lightness, making them a perfect choice. They are available in four colors, and additionally, they can come with mushroom, chicken, and strawberry embroidery.
This range is crafted from high-quality cotton, providing a gentle touch on your child's sensitive skin. The breathability of the material allows for unrestricted airflow, making them ideal for all weather conditions.

Softy Wrap Cardigan 58$


This collection is not only stylish but also exceptionally practical for babies. The pants feature a Tie Waistband for easy adjustment, simplifying the dressing and undressing process. Rompers are equipped with buttons, facilitating quick diaper changes. Additionally, cardigans come with a Tie, eliminating the need to be pulled over the baby's head. These practical details make the collection not just fashionable but also highly functional, catering to the everyday needs of caring for a newborn.
baby in muslin romper with embroidered strawberry

Soft, Stylish, and Oh-So-Cuddly

Dress your little one in a double dose of joy! Our Softy pieces are the perfect blend of snug comfort and adorable design, making them the go-to for every occasion. From park strolls to playdates and festive celebrations, your child is set to sparkle in these uniquely crafted Softy wonders.
softy range
When it comes to choosing clothing for your child, it is crucial to consider comfort, practicality, and appearance. We highly recommend our Softy muslin cotton range that will meet your expectations. Not only will your child be comfortable, but they will also be well-dressed for various occasions. Allow us to introduce you to the world of comfort and style for your newborn with these irresistible pieces of clothing.