Holiday gift guide for mamas

As the holidays are approaching, we've put together some beautiful handcrafted gift ideas for women to make your loved ones' holiday season something to remember!
From precious embroidered styles to handcrafted ceramics and accessory - we have it all! 
Scroll down to see all the gift ideas we've prepared🎁

Embroidered Slippers

 These true handcrafted slippers are molded into shape in the village of Kirtipur - from loose wool fibers, each shoe is hand felted for you.


Our ceramics are handmade using traditional methods in Nepal. Silky winter sky and layers of tinted grey and fluffy white, so beautifully made you wish you could touch it.

Pillow Cover

A stand-out piece for your sofa, bed or lounge chair. A Handcrafted knit pillow cover with embroidered floral details.

Make Up Bags

This sweet makeup bag will not only keep all your stuff in one place, but it will add a dash of craftsmanship to your bathroom, bedroom, or whenever you take it with you.

Knitted Socks

Carefully crafted by hand, yet not one piece is a like. Stock is limited because only a handful of our artisans can create these details that take days to complete.

Cashmere Scarves

We explored all the special cashmere fibers, and have hand-selected only the very best pure fibers. You will not be disappointed by these incredibly sooooooft luxurious pieces.

Embroidered Cardigan

The artistry and craftsmanship mean you will truly receive a one-of-a-kind embroidery treasure. The detailing is amazing, and all are produced under fair conditions from the comfort of the ladies' own homes.
We hope to inspire you to support small businesses this holiday season while at the same time purchasing a gift with a true value🎁.