The joy of spring: outfits for kids

Spring is the time when nature awakens, displaying its most beautiful colors that spark joy in us and remind us of new beginnings. In our spring collection, inspired by the awakening of nature, you'll find the perfect blend of softness and natural fibers and materials, designed to provide your loved ones with both comfort and distinctive design.

Handcrafted Spring Motifs

Our handcrafted clothing brings the joy of spring into your surroundings. Carefully crafted and selected pieces will beautify your wardrobe, featuring soft cotton knits and natural materials found in our collections. Each piece is uniquely designed, and adorned with cheerful spring motifs - from charming embroidered ducks to playful rabbits and fully bloomed flowers. These designs are not just there to beautify your wardrobe; they awaken the imagination in your little ones, inviting them to explore the wonders of nature through beautiful spring colors.

Spring Bunny Suit - $88

Comfort and Practicality of Natural Materials

Spring can present us with various weather conditions, and we offer clothing that is adaptable to different occasions, providing enough warmth during cooler mornings and comfort during warmer afternoons. We highlight our knitted cotton garments, which adapt very well to various weather conditions. Cotton ensures breathability, allowing you to enjoy various outdoor occasions comfortably.

 Quality That Ensures Longevity of Clothing

In today's fast-paced world, where production often follows the trend and quality may decrease, we choose sustainable, carefully made, and specially selected pieces for your child. We invest in quality, thereby helping both you and nature, which is something we focus on. Our goal for our collections is to last and to be passed down from generation to generation. Besides beauty, our clothing strives to improve the overall preservation of nature, providing you with a comfortable feeling while wearing it.

Use Layers!

Besides wool and cotton, we use some other materials and manufacturing methods. Each of our products comes with a description that tells you in detail about it. Our satisfied customers often surprise us with various individual combinations, which further inspire creativity in all of us. Spring is the perfect time to try out different clothing combinations, and due to varying weather conditions, sometimes layering is necessary. Combine our artisan romper with a soft cotton cardigan, or put a sweater over one of our sweet dresses - the choices are endless!

Little Farm cardigan - $103 - $135

Browse our spring collection, and just as nature wakes up and refreshes in spring, so too can you refresh your wardrobes with new clothing items.