If you are a new mama in our little family, we want to share with your some tips about how to choose the perfect bedding for your baby. There are many different fabrics and styles on a market, and sometimes it can be confusing to know what is the best choice for your new family member.

Choose the right bedding

Babies spend a lot of time while sleeping, especially during first months of their life. Did you know that newborn babies spend 17 hours per day on sleeping? Because of that, it is very important to choose the right crib, mattres and in the end a soft bedding which will make baby feels comfortable and allow her hours of sleeping.
We asked one of our fellow mamas what is important for her while choosing the baby bedding:

"When choosing bedding for my kids, I always look for soft cotton as I need it to be comfortable and breathable for them to sleep in. I like them to be light so I can dry them off easily and that they don't loose their form after washing. I prefer neutral colours which can be used for both, my daughter and son."

@dajana_krasic (mom of 2)

Uniqua bedding from our collection

Tips on how to choose the right bedding

1) Baby's skin is very gentle and delicate, so make sure to always pick soft and breathable fabric such as cotton. 

2) Choose the right size - don't size up just so it can last longer. Babies need well-fitted sheet that will make them feel comfortable during day and night.

3) Use a natural detergent without chemicals and wash the bedding two times per week. Check the label on beddings for washing instructions.


We develope our Uniqua bedding range, which consists of a pillow and a duvet cover in two sizes - baby and junior. It is made of 100% satin finished cotton.The uniquely embroidered symbols are scattered all over the top part of the bedding. A chic piping in a complimenting colour has been added and the backside and has its own separate colourway as well.
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