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Most of our hemp kids' clothing are made from a hemp and cotton blend to utilize the best properties of both fabrics and combine them into versatile, high-quality pieces. Hemp is strong, absorbent, durable, and great for insulation, while cotton is soft, comfortable, and breathable. A mixture of the two results in a lightweight and soft yet strong piece of clothing that will last through the years. We have a number of items to choose from in our hemp range, starting with our popular organic hemp bloomers and shorts. Its simplistic design and stunning detail make it a classic piece that offers a lovely feminine touch for your little one. It will keep your child cool in the summer, or can be paired with tights and a cardigan through the cooler seasons.

If you’re looking for something simpler for your little one’s wardrobe, then you will love our versatile hemp cotton T-shirt. Enjoy the intricate detailing of the leaves on each shirt, featured above a small buttoned pocket, which adds a touch of style and class to this piece. It’s a timeless staple that will never go out of fashion and can be passed down to siblings or cousins for years of wear.