Flora baby blanket

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A soft merino baby blanket that you can use in multiple ways. Lightweight and easy to bring a long on small trips.

It also makes for a perfect newborn gift. 
The blanket is knitted from our soft merino wool and covered with hand embroidered floral details from our Flora collection. 

Also available with Squirrel embroidery.

Knitted from 100 % merino wool. 

Size: 75*75 cm (29.52*29.52 in)

Why it's special
So beloved for babies and kids, and for a good reason! The artistry and craftsmanship mean you will truly receive a one-of-a-kind embroidery treasure. The detailing is amazing, and all are produced under fair conditions from the comfort of the ladies' own homes.
Wash & Care
Merino wool fibers are self cleaning and don't need washing often unless there is a stain. Air out your knits regularly to refreshen. Watch our little step-by-step video for easy wash-instructions. Extra tip: invest in an inexpensive peeling comb to remove fluff/peeling once per season. Your knits will last years, when taken good care of.

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Size & Fit

Keeping in mind that all items are hand crafted, and small variations in measurements can vary, these are the guiding main measurement of this item.

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