Beauty Meets Practicality: Clever details that make dressing your baby a breeze

From machine washable cotton to stretchy silhouettes that give room to grow, these are the clever details that bring more life and longer wear to your favorite heirloom pieces. 

Machine Washable Cotton 

Heirloom baby clothes are the special styles you’ll cherish throughout your little one’s life, but they’re often made from extremely delicate textiles that can be a hassle to wash (what new mama has time to dash to the dry cleaners?)! 

 This is why we crafted many of our most-loved styles from soft and strong vegan cotton that can be machine-washed from the comfort of your home. While handwashing is always the safer bet, sometimes us mamas just don’t have enough minutes in the day to spare for it. Simply pop your beloved cotton clothing into a mesh laundering bag and place it in your washing machine with cold water. Select your most gentle, delicate cycle and air-dry once clean. Wear, love, repeat. 

Grow-With-You Knits 

Here’s an interesting fact you may not know: hand knits have far more flexibility and stretch than machine knits so that they can expand and grow with your children. Some kids will even fit into the same piece a few years later! You’ll get more life and love out of your heirloom pieces with hand knits. 

Adjustable Straps 

Adjustable straps are a clever detail that allows your little ones to wear their favorite pieces for months (or even years!) longer than you’d expect. Almost all of our rompers feature stretchy hand-knitted straps bedecked with multiple buttonholes so you can comfortably adjust them as your child continues to grow.  

“I just wanted to say thank you for creating such beautiful heirloom pieces for our babes. My very first purchase for my son was the bunny romper just before his first birthday and it was love at first sight. Fast forward 2 years, yes, 2 whole years, and that romper not only still fits him thanks to the adjustable straps, but still looks as good as new."

 – Kate 

No-Slip Ankle Ties 

Babies love to explore their new world with wiggles and kicks, but that means footies often slip off their tiny feet! We adorned our footies with a smart little detail: adjustable ties that you can gently fasten around their ankles to keep them on all day long. No more slipping and sliding—just warm, toasty baby toes!

Roomy Bloomer Silhouettes 

There’s nothing more adorable than a fluffy baby bum in bloomers! Our collections feature many styles of bloomers and rompers with bloomer silhouettes that are cute and clever: the “poofy” bloomer shape gives more than enough room for diapers (both disposable and bulkier reusable styles) so they stay covered, comfy, and secure. We’ve also included button fastenings at the base of our rompers for super easy diaper changes. Something every mama can appreciate! 

Velcro Straps 

Lace-up booties and buckled shoes look oh-so sweet, but they can be a challenge to slip on a squirmy toddler! Enter: Velcro straps. This smart design detail makes it fast and easy to get out the door with your little one.  

We designed an enchanting line of footwear with Petit Nord featuring artful embroidery, sweet color palettes, and a T-bar ankle strap that looks like a buckle, but is actually Velcro! You get the classic look of vintage buckles with the modern convenience of Velcro. In the mama world, we call that a win-win.   


Are there any other design details you love that make life with your littles a bit easier? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to incorporate them into our upcoming collections.