Remember that hand-knitted garment you received as a child? The one that was made with lots of love, but wasn’t terribly practical? Maybe the shoulders always slouched a little low, or the sleeves flopped around and got in your way, or maybe the fabric was irritatingly itchy.

You appreciated the time that went into creating the gift – but you didn’t necessarily want to wear it all the time, either. 
Here at Shirley Bredal, one of our main missions is updating knitwear so it’s more practical for today’s kids and their caregivers.
Hand-embroidered Flora romper "Mustard"

Flora romper "Mustard"


Love for natural fibers 

All our products are made by hand, with the same attention and care as traditional knits, but they’re made with fine wool, cotton, bamboo, cashmere, and silk blends that keep their shape and feel great against the skin. 
The natural fibers we use are fully breathable, so they release sweat rather than trapping it like older acrylic clothing. All our products – including our adorable rompers and best-selling sweaters – are a joy to wear for kids, because they’re highly flexible and never restrict movement.
Hand knitted sweater for baby and child with embroidery details
Woodland sweater "Oats"
When they’re wearing our knits, kids can play to their heart’s content, and still stay comfortable, dry, and cozy. And our products aren’t just great for children to wear – they make caregivers’ lives easier, too. Our fibers repel dust and dirt and don’t need to be washed every time they’re worn. That means less time doing laundry and less stress in your daily routine.
 It begins and ends with you and all our other lovely customers buying from our little brand. Diana, a customer of ours, summed her thoughts up so nicely, that we thought we would share it.:
„...I love everything about them, they are not just clothes for me, they are lovely memories of my children wearing them and they look so so lovely with them on“.
 A LOVELY MEMORY – that is what you will feel when you take that hand-knitted piece from your closet after 20 or 30 years from now on! And that is something priceless, isn't it?
Hand embroidered Flora sweaters for babies and kids

Hand-embroidered Flora sweatersHand knitted and embroidered clothes for babies and kidsWoodland collection