We are always excited to show you a peek into what goes behind making this sweet collection of ours. Many of you ask and are curious to know more about our workplace, the process of knitting, and our amazing team behind Shirley Bredal.Today we want to introduce you to just one of our many talented knitters and mamas engaged with our knitting project.

Her name is Lakshmi Khadgi. We call her Lakshmi Didi. Didi is a respective way of addressing women elder to you and it means sister. A title that suits her and the way we collaborate❤.

She has been knitting on her own for the past 20-25 years but she joined our little family 5 months ago! Find out more in this beautiful video we filmed with her!

It is a commitment.

Our knitters make the magic happen, and that magic is a result of years of experience.
When Lakshmi didi joined us, she has already been knitting for many years. But the type of knitting and most often the level of finishing skills is not always matching our requirements.
She was asked to invest a bit of her time; learning to knit our pieces and achieve our level of quality.
It has been a commitment from her side as well as ours, offering the training – ensuring a long term sustainable source of income. 
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Did you know that knitters like Lakshmi only knit from home?

Every piece she creates is a little piece of art that she can knit, from her own home, in her free time. The voice of workload (which is never fulltime) is entirely up to each woman.

• Our knitters group up and often knit together 

It is so beautiful that our didis have the opportunity to share laughter, happiness, loads of chai tea and work at the same time! Pink line

We give our knitters the possibility of a longterm sustainable flexible income.

A lot of women, in their mid-twenties and older, are today a part of a generation where education was not widely available in Nepal, which often has meant that they were excluded from professional job opportunities. At Shirley Bredal we give our didis a chance and skills to alleviate their financial burden as well as their social standing.

We offer them fair wages, training, flexibility to work from their own homes and choice of workload. Our knitters have different backgrounds and reasons for working as a „didi“ – which means „sisters“, and our family is big!

Each Shirley Bredal piece is made with the hands of these lovely women from the comfort of their own homes and they spend hours and days to make it! The love and attention for details come from a very genuine desire to create a heirloom piece especially for you. We are so thankful to have these amazing women in our team and very thankful for each of you who support them on a daily base with every purchase!
Woman is knitting a romper
Hand-knitting processKnitters in Kathmandu studio
Our talented knitters in Kathmandu studioDetails oh hand-embroidery process
A process of hand-embroidering


I was looking at some of your posts on this website and I conceive this web site is really instructive! Keep putting up..

Kavia February 01, 2023

Hi Kiri, thank you soo much for taking the time to watch the video, and to leave a comment.
We have been wanting to do this blog for some time ( needed to learn how to film first haha), and it is so nice to know someone is actually reading what we spent time making and just interested in the social aspect , that goes behind each and every piece <3.

I hear you about the fact that we are missing a stockiest in NZ, We actually had to stop all wholesale this year, as Kathmandu is still in semi-lockdown, and we are extremely challenged, going on month 5.
We could not get raw materials in for the longest time or even distribute to our knitters as ALL private vehicle movement was banned for 3 months. We are hoping to catch up over the next months, and selling worldwide via our webshop only , as that is what we can manage to make , quantity wise in this time.

By the way, that shipping price drops to 25 NZdollars when your purchase above 150 usd, and there is free after a certain amount as well. Big hug

Shirley Bredal girls August 06, 2020

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