Making of our Wildflower knit collection

How it all started?

I have always been fascinated by all things crafty - and especially by flowers and natural materials. The inspiration for this collection sprung from my hobby and the wild flower fields.

First swatches

2 years of sampling

 It may seen like the collection is just "popping" out of nowhere, but that is just because we are very good at keeping secrets! A few of you remember seeing the first swatches a year ago. The collection was actually 2 years in the making!

Knitting of samples

Inspired by Danish wild floral fields

We created 3 beautiful colourways inspired by Nordic wild Summer fields, which are shaped in the hands of our amazing team of artisan crafters in Nepal. These little pieces of art are embroidered entirely by hand and each piece is completely unique with its own little variations. 

Stitch for stitch - the Wildflower pieces come alive! We hope you will love this collection as much as we do! A lot of work and love went into making this range, and we are proud to say that it's one of the most beautiful we ever made!

Explore our Wildflower collection here.