Here at Shirley Bredal we are on a sustainable journey. We care deeply about our environment and wish to use the right materials in all aspects of our business, including the packaging.
The process of packing

Environmental-friendly materials

We use recycled bown paper and jute or eco-cotton string to wrap your orders.
We hand paint each sheet of paper ourselves. Not only do we find it important to use environmental-friendly materials in our production - we also focus on reusing materials as much as we can to reduce waste. We also use left over yarn from our knit production to make the pom pom.
Recycled paper
Pom poms made of left-over yarn

Washing Instructions📝

For our washing instructions we use eco-friendly Nepalese Lokta paper. It is handmade, durable, and free from any chemicals and acids with a unique feel and texture. Many women get involved in the making of the Lokta paper sheets in the rural area. This factor ensures ecnomic sustainability for rural Nepalese women. 
Lokta paper

A sustainable approach

We need to take responsibility as a producing brand, as we are the ones actually manufacturing and bringing new products to the world.
Ultimately, it is your decision and contribution. You influence when you order something from a brand like ours. Together we hope to make a difference to reduce overconsumption and decrease the use of plastic.