Soothing with a Pacifier

When you’re a mama, you’ll do just about anything to ensure your little one feels comfortable and safe. At the top of that list for many (especially new mothers!) is the pacifier, a magical rubbery nipple that satisfies a baby’s sucking reflex and helps soothe them when they feel distress. While not every baby will take to a pacifier, we’ve rounded up some pros and cons to using one during the newborn stage and beyond.

Pros and Cons of Pacifiers 


  • Soothes baby and calms them when they’re crying 
  • Known to reduce SIDs when used during naps and bedtime 
  • Encourages breastfeeding (especially in mothers vulnerable to postpartum depression) 
  • Can help reduce pain sensations during stressful situations like airplane travel or vaccinations 


  • Can lead to dental issues such as an overbite 
  • Have been linked to increased risk of ear infections 
  • Weaning can be very difficult 

Crochet Pacifier Clips 

As everything with motherhood, pacifiers are a personal choice for you and your baby. If your child takes to a paci, our handy crocheted pacifier clip is the perfect way to keep it close to your child and ensure it doesn’t go missing. Hand-crocheted from vegan cotton using our signature popcorn stitch, each clip firmly secures to your child’s clothes or diaper bag so you have easy access at all times. 

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