The Magic of Cotton

Mamas know the magic of cotton: it’s moisture-wicking, naturally hypoallergenic, and durable enough to be well-loved by our little ones. Not to mention it’s weatherproof, naturally absorbent and doesn’t show perspiration like synthetics do.  

One of our most loved fibers

As mothers, we want the best for our children—and the environment. Cotton is one of those incredible natural fabrics that is gentle on both. This is why you’ll see it throughout our heirloom collections time and time again.

Here are three key reasons we love working with organic cotton:  

  1. It’s oh-so soft and free from harsh chemicals, making it a great choice for sensitive skin. It also reduces the chance of causing irritation or eczema. 
  2. We love the Earth, and organic cotton is the kinder choice for the environment and nature.   
  3. Cotton is extremely versatile; it’s wearable in warm and cold weather, so you can wear it in every season 

Explore our vegan and cotton collections here.

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