3 Types of Photos You Should Take of Your Newborn

From maternity pics to monthly milestones, these are the photos you should capture from your baby’s first year. 
Pregnancy might feel like it will last a lifetime when you’re in the thick of it, but believe us when we say that the newborn days are fleeting. As a women-led studio full of mamas, we know first-hand just how fast that first year will fly, and how it’s so important to capture those precious moments to look back on. Here are three types of photography sessions you should consider for your pregnancy and beyond (plus an exclusive free photography tutorial just for you at the end of this post!):

Maternity Photos 

As the end of your pregnancy draws near, the excitement of meeting your precious new baby builds—and for some mums, the love for your bump might wane a bit as you’re ready to swap pregnancy for parenthood. Many of our studio mamas revealed that they missed their bumps after their baby was born (it’s so bittersweet!), so we highly recommend capturing your pregnancy in all its glory with some dreamy maternity photos.  

The best time to photograph your bump is around 28-36 weeks, or right around 24 weeks if you’re pregnant with twins or multiples. This is the time frame where you will likely have a full, round pregnant belly, but you’ll still be comfortable enough to move around and pose for photos.  

Newborn “Fresh 48” Session 

“Fresh 48” photography is meant to capture the first few days of your baby’s life. We suggest hiring a professional photographer for these photos, as you will be completely engulfed in your new little loved one during this time. Newborn sessions can be photographed at home or at your place of birth (hospital, birth centre, home birth), and are a beautiful way to celebrate the precious, ephemeral moments of the first few days of new parenthood. Select a special heirloom piece for these momentous photos (there’s nothing sweeter than seeing a teeny, tiny newborn all sleepy and snuggled up in a chunky hand-knit cardigan or sweater). 

Monthly Milestones 

Your baby will grow in leaps and bounds during their first year, so we are big believers in photographing your little one’s monthly milestones as a sweet memento of how far they’ve come. Snap a monthly photo of your baby next to a numbered block or monthly milestone card to mark their age and stage of infancy. At the end of the year, you will have an adorable compilation of your baby’s growth. A tip from our mamas: try to take the photo on the same day each month; bonus points if you can pose your baby in the same position for each photo or wearing a similar outfit or color to really emphasize how much they change and develop over that first unforgettable year.   

Free Photography Tutorial 

Need more detailed advice on how to nail those perfect newborn photos? We’ve partnered up with amazing @shotfromtheheart_kids to bring you an exclusive newborn photography tutorial with need-to-know tips and tricks. Click here and sign up to have it delivered directly to your inbox! 



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