Nesting in Full Swing

The powerful instinct to prep for your baby comes on strong—and it can be a very exciting time in your pregnancy. Here are a few pieces we love that will make it even more enjoyable.  

Our Favourite Styles for “Nesting” Mamas 

As you settle into the third trimester, the reality of your soon-to-be new life begins to unfold around you. That sweet anticipation and unbridled excitement surrounding the arrival of your baby is a feeling to cherish forever.   

As your birth day draws closer, you may experience a natural instinct to “nest”. Nesting is an overwhelming desire to get your home ready for your newborn (like a mother bird creating a nest for her hatchlings)—cleaning, organizing, and curating a safe and cozy space for your little one.  

If you find yourself in nesting mode, here are some of our top picks for creating a comfortable, sacred surrounding for your newborn. 

Baby Gift Set

Filled with the essentials—bloomers, booties and the most precious bonnet and teether—our beautifully curated gift set is the perfect baby-come-home outfit. It comes packaged in a hand-crafted Lokta paper keepsake box, so it can neatly sit on the shelf or change table while you await the arrival of your little one. 

Flora Baby Blanket

Many children keep their baby blankets into adulthood, and this soft merino style was made to be loved for a lifetime. It’s great for bundling up baby on chilly stroller rides, or spread out on the floor for tummy time. 

Uniqua Bedding

Preparing baby’s nursery or bedroom is one of the most exciting parts of “nesting”. Our bedding sets are spun from 100% satin-finished cotton and artfully embroidered with soothing nature-inspired patterns. 

Mini Koala Doll

A sweet little plushie is a memorable gift that your baby will enjoy for years and years. Keep it ready for their arrival by the crib or bassinet. 

Wildflower Cardigan Women

While you may be thinking all about baby, it’s important to be mindful of your own needs and postpartum care. Treat yourself to a special item of clothing that’s easy to slip on, roomy, and blissfully soft—like our Wildflower cardigan made especially for mums. 


Are you currently pregnant and in the depths of nesting? Let us know how you’re preparing for baby in the comments below! 

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