The Benefits of Hand-Knitted Newborn Hats

You’ve packed your hospital bag and checked it twice—did you remember to bring a baby hat? A cozy hat is a newborn essential (especially if temperatures are below 68 degrees) as this extra layer helps lock in heat while your baby develops the ability to regulate their own core body temperature.  

Hand-Knitted Heirloom Hats for Your Newborn 

We’ve hand-knitted a beautiful selection of newborn hats for this momentous occasion. Crafted from soft merino wool, these plush and flexible styles never feel itchy against your newborn’s sensitive skin. 

Benefits of our newborn hats: 

- Reduce heat loss in newborns 

- Gentle against sensitive skin 

- Insulating yet breathable 

- Lays flat and does not pull or tug precious newborn hair 

- Snug and cozy fit (they don’t slip or slide off) 

- Help newborns adjust to heat regulation 

- They look adorable! 


Shop our Newborn Hats collection here.

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