Are You Pregnant in 2022? Three Pregnancy Tips for Mamas-to-Be

The artisan mamas from our studio are here to help you through. 
Here are three helpful tips from our studio mamas. 
From nutritious and abundant meals to connecting with like-minded mums-to-be, here are three helpful pregnancy tips from the mamas in our design studio if you’re expecting this year: 
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Eat Healthy 

You now have your sweet little baby to consider when making dietary choices and there’s probably a ton of questions swirling in your head (“No sushi? Do I avoid deli meats? What about cheese?”). One thing we know is certain—when you nourish your body with healthy and nutritious food, it has a positive impact on your body, mind, and spirit. Your baby will feel those benefits, too.  
Our studio mama Puja Didi shared some of her pregnancy mealtime tips to stay healthy and keep ravenous cravings at bay: 
“With all the new changes that are going on in your body, maintaining a balance between cravings and a healthy diet during pregnancy can be quite difficult. I don’t have a sweet tooth but during both my pregnancies, I heavily craved sugary foods. Initially, I gave in to these cravings, but slowly, I started switching to healthier alternatives like fruits, Juju Dhau (sweetened custard-like yogurt), and homemade jams. The trick is to swap your cravings for processed treats with healthier alternatives.”  
Be mindful with your food and snack selections (never deprive yourself if you are hungry!), and always consult your care provider if you have any questions.  

Connect With Other Mamas 

It’s so important to feel supported throughout pregnancy, and who better to uplift you than other parents and mums-to-be? Connect with other mamas in your life who are on a similar journey to you; they can relate to your triumphs and challenges and can understand some of your hopes, dreams, and even uncertainties for your future as a new parent. 
Studio mama Bhagwati Didi told us about how she made lasting connections and friendships during her pregnancy:  
“I think pregnancy, especially for first-time mothers, can make you feel a bit anxious. Connecting with other mothers can provide a lot of emotional support for a healthy pregnancy.  During my first pregnancy, I spent a lot of time with other moms-to-be that I came to know through my friends, many of whom I still see to this day. Nourishing such relationships during pregnancy can help with the emotional well-being of mothers before as well as after birth.” 
These meaningful connections will help make you feel calm and supported and will hopefully become your support system once your baby arrives. It’s true when they say it takes a village to raise a child. Find your village and love them deeply.  
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 Find the Right Support 

Pregnancy is a joyous journey, but it can also be filled with confusion, self-doubt, and many, many questions. While many people mean well, the persistent advice can become overwhelming. 
Our studio mama Pramila Didi shares her experience with dealing with unsolicited advice during her pregnancy: 
During my pregnancy, I remember being overwhelmed with the extraordinary amount of pregnancy advice that I was getting from everyone around me. These suggestions of course came with good intentions, but most of them felt more confusing than helpful. In such cases, it is best to just thank the person and move on. On the other hand, I feel expectant moms should decide on exactly who they are going to seek guidance from: be it their doctors, family members, or other new moms, and stay as informed as possible.” 
Try to identify your trusted support group early on—family, midwives, doctors, or  friends—and lean on them when you need guidance. If you’re receiving an abundance of unsolicited advice, stay calm, steer the conversation to a different topic, or simply state that you aren’t interested in continuing the discussion (a simple “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind!” can work). Even if you’re a first-time mom, always trust your intuition. You know what’s best for you and your baby. 
What is some of the best pregnancy advice you ever received? Share your tips in the comments below! 

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